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“Are you tired of the shenanigans kids get up to when they are tired or bored or just can’t keep still? Are you too tired to care? Were they diagnosed with ADHD? Are you wondering why they always have a cold or sniffles, why they are developing slower than others the same age? Are you wondering why your little person still wets the bed when others don’t, or wake tired despite 11 hours of sleep? Have you been sleep deprived so long, you have forgotten the life-changing magic of great sleep?”
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So your doctor referred you to Well Spoken?

You may have visited your medical specialist and they referred you to Well Spoken. Perhaps you are scratching your head, wondering ‘how on earth is a speech pathologist going to help me, they help people with strokes and stutters don’t they?” Well yes, they do, depending on where they work.
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Medical Dental and Allied Health Professionals

With the ‘precision medicine’ model adopted and accepted, there has never been a more important time for medical, dental and allied health professionals to collaborate in teams, to deliver individualised and holistic health care solutions to those in our care.

Our Commitment to the

UN Global Goals for 2030

In 2015, a commitment was adopted by all United Nations Member States; a shared blueprint for peace and a beautiful society, clean earth and active economy, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership.

At Well Spoken we believe that we all have a role in creating a better world and that every word or action helps, no matter how big or how small. We look at what we do best day to day, year to year and how we help others.

Our giving philosophy
Everyday at Well Spoken in our clinical work we are helping people achieve better upper airway health and communication. And every time we do, we also support global health and education projects through B1G1 B1g1

The Well Spoken Manifesto

Hi Well Spoken Manifesto

We love transforming lives and we have made this our business for over 4 decades. We believe every child and every adult has the right to be happy, health and heard.

In our commitment to creating a healthier and more connected world, Well Spoken is unwavering in helping people optimise their upper airway health, improve the quality of their sleep and realise their communication potential. As pioneering, cutting edge solutions are created, we transfer our knowledge and experience so that others can rise in their own lives.

And by the way, every time we help someone be happy healthy and heard, we transform a life somewhere else in the world. How? For example: when we help a child with sleep disordered breathing, we provide one day of computer education to a child in need. When we see a patient with communication challenges, we give a visually impaired person the special gift of sight to a child in need by supporting projects through B1G1. We all rise by lifting others. We’re grateful that together with you, we’re delivering the solutions that are transforming lives.

New Patients
Please send us an email to admin@wellspoken.com.au with your medical or dental specialist referral. Our team will get you back as soon as we have availability, thank you

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