Sleep and the Sustainable Development Goals

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Well Spoken is dedicated to transforming lives for not only our clients and patients, but those in need around the world who rely on support, care and financial assistance. We believe that every child has the right to be happy, healthy and heard and every adult has the power to feel healthy and connected.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised sleep as a global health issue, perhaps one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st Century, according to Professor Matt Walker.

In fact, it is estimated that fixing sleep alone will ½ cost of health and double the funds available in education, as a result of reducing GDP by 2 ½%. This is untreated sleep problems lead to immediate, and future physical & mental health, educational and societal problems, and none of it is good.

And these sustainable goals can be further divided into three categories.

The UN wants us all to help create:

  • An active economy            
  • A beautiful society
  • A clean earth

Getting granular improving sleep health can assist at least 3 of the UN goals.

  • number 4; quality education (Children who are primed to learn and thrive in an education system)
  • number 8; decent work and economic growth (A stronger more effective workforce)  
  • number 3;  good health and well being  (minimal burden on the health system)

By solving sleep problems, you are helping with the United Nations Sustainable Goals for 2030 which could be summed up in 3 ways.

Great sleep health will facilitate ACTIVE ECONOMY BY HELPING

  • Goal 4, Quality education:
    • improved learning memory and focus means better education outcomes
  • Goal 8, Decent work and economic growth
    • improved productivity and efficiency and creativity, creates thriving businesses and workplaces
    • safer workplaces, good sleep reduces errors and accidents
    • Assist with beautiful Society
  • Goal 3, good health and well-being
    • improved mental and physical health fosters relationships, resilience and stronger bonds and connections at all levels of society
    • less conflict
  • Goal 16, Peace justice and strong institutions
    • Maybe just maybe, a stronger more resilient better connected world will lead to less conflict

This is food for thought. At Well Spoken, we are strong supporters of the UN Sustainable goals and know that when we all do small things, together we can do great things.

Why not sleep on that thought?

Sharon Moore

Author, speaker, sleep health advocate and speech pathologist

I'm Sharon Moore, author, speaker, sleep health advocate and speech pathologist at Well Spoken Upper Airway & Communication Solutions. I've seen more than 40,000 families over 4 decades of clinical work and I’ve seen first-hand how upper airway issues impact both health and happiness. The ripple effects span across family, school, community and society, and left untreated can last a life-time. I believe that great treatment transforms lives, the earlier the better and that everyone has a right to be happy, healthy and heard. I've worked in medical settings in Australia and London and currently run Well Spoken clinic in Canberra treating patients of all ages referred by medical and dental specialists for disorders of function of the upper airway that impact breathing, eating and communication.

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