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As you know at Well Spoken we receive referrals from medical and dental specialists to help with disorders of function in the upper airway and their impacts on communication. We offer a clinical service, training for professionals and last but not least great resources for parents who want to learn more about what they can do for their children: developing a healthy airway, night and day, especially breathing, during sleep. In fact there is a lot more you can do for your ‘little people’ than you imagine.
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We believe every person has the right to be happy, healthy and heard.

Clinical Services

You have been referred by your medical or dental specialist

The Well Spoken Way

If you have been referred to Well Spoken, your medical or dental specialist will have sent us a referral. Once we receive it, we send you details to make an initial booking online. Once your assessment is complete, your Speech Pathologist will design a program for you. Of course, programs vary by age disorder severity and type of disorder but we think very carefully about the most suitable program, that will get you the best results. Remember though, we are your guide.

We can show you how to make changes and help you understand the process of change, but we cannot do it for you. You will get the most amazing results when you are 100% motivated and put in 100% focus and effort. We understand the many demands of daily life, and always discuss the best timing of treatment, to ensure that you can give it your 100% focus. We want to set you up for success. That’s our happy place, and hopefully yours too.

We are proud of and love our clinical work at Well Spoken, serving patients of all ages, face to face, online, in groups and providing online self-paced learning opportunities. But we offer way more here at Well Spoken.

Upper Airway Disorders?

These disorders include: breathing, chewing, swallowing, voice, resonance, speech, chronic cough & throat clear and sleep disordered breathing.

In a nutshell, the upper airway begins at the front of the face and extends just beyond your larynx (voice box). Essential life functions, breathing, eating and communication all happen in this zone. Mostly people are unaware, that is, until something goes wrong.
“ I don’t know how many times I have heard from patients that they never realised how important e.g. voice was, until they lost it.”

Speech Pathology & Myofunctional Science

At Well Spoken we offer traditional Speech Pathology programs fully integrated with Myofunctional science(muscle movement).



Sharon Moore founder of Well Spoken, has developed, trialled and tested many treatment programs over decades of clinical work. They are based on the neuroscience of learning and behaviour change, psychology of habit, motor learning and firmly rooted in anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology and myofunctional science. The latest research is interwoven into our ‘simple’ interventions. There is an old saying about “Complex things look so simple they bely the thousands of hours taken to develop them”. This describes perfectly, the programs we run at Well Spoken, simple and effective.
“It’s really complicated to make something complex look simple, just try it.”

Speech Pathology and Sleep

You may even be wondering, what’s speech pathology got to do with sleep? Surprisingly, a lot and they fit together neatly in 2 ways.

Resources and Courses for

Medical Dental and Allied Health

Due to popular demand and requests Speaking Teaching Training

How do we learn how to do what you do?

At Well Spoken we offer traditional Speech Pathology programs fully integrated with orofacial myofunctional science.

Here are just a few of the courses we teach at Well Spoken Upper Airway and Communisation Solutions.

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Hhico Sleep
Sleep 101

The amazingly great things that happen when you get good sleep and the alarmingly bad things that happen when you don’t

Hhico Sleep
Upper Airway Function and 'Little People'

Understanding the upper airway functions as they relate to the anatomical zones from front of face to sub glottis.

Hhico Sleep
Upper Airway Function Demystified

Essential early interventions for little people, to ensure healthy airway and great breathing during sleep

Hhico Sleep
Myo fully integrated

integrating ‘myo’ solutions into everyday clinical work

Resources and Courses for Parents

So you want to know more about sleep and breathing?


There are so many pressures on todays parents, globally. There is a glut of information, media bombardment about what is best for you the parents and your little people. Well Spoken’s vision is that every child gets the sleep they need every night to healthy and happy. We truly believe that sleep among the other pillars of health: exercise, nutrition and stress management, sleep is the number one. Check out the video link to learn why. So, it is our mission to make sure parents have access to family friendly information and guides that take you and your family on a transformational journey, to health and happiness through great sleep, the earlier the better!

New Patients
Please send us an email to with your medical or dental specialist referral. Our team will get you back as soon as we have availability, thank you

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