What happens in the upper airway?

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How we support you, and your loved ones.

Led by well-known speech pathologist Sharon Moore, our Well Spoken team have helped thousands of people suffering speech, sleep and upper airway health problems, and we’re here to support you.

We’re here to help you one breath at a time. 

Using cutting edge research in myofunctional science we help resolve upper airway narrowing related to sleep disordered breathing like snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea that lead to interrupted sleep and its chronic ‘knock-on effects’ for you and your loved ones.

We know how vital a good night’s sleep is – both mentally and physically. Not one body system is exempt from the effects of poor sleep. For children, no matter the cause of poor sleep, every domain of their development; physical mental emotional and social, is affected. For adults, poor sleep is rarely considered when managing mental and physical health issues. However, sleep problems are a serious cause for concern, too many ‘bad nights’ in a row takes a toll on a person’s overall health. In fact even one bad night has a measurable effect. We need to take deliberate action to get sleep ‘on track.’

Sleeping soundly and breathing well through the night can have a transformative impact on your life. Yes, improving your sleep can truly be life-changing and we’d love to help you achieve that.

Breathing ‘properly’ through the day is also important, meaning no=se breathing with correct ‘dynamics’ that is, the amount and speed of airflow enabling quiet gently breathing without effort, supported by the diaphragm. There are many causes of disrupted breathing. Some of them are physical e.g. a blocked nose, or enlarged tonsils, some are caused by an ‘over activated’ nervous system. Spme common …..

We’re here to help you one word at a time.

Communication is vital to thriving in everyday life and we’re here to help you with speech and voice-related challenges that either you or a loved one is facing.

We’re committed to having you heard – to finding your best possible voice – so we aim to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your communication potential.

We understand that to communicate is to connect – without it, we can feel isolated and very alone. Linking with others via communication is crucial for your wellbeing. We can help you improve these skills to your highest level. (A BLOG here)

We want you to be heard and we deeply understand the frustration and isolation when you’re not fully understood or if you are having difficulty understanding and listening to others.

We’re here to help you, one smile at a time.

When it comes to communication upper airway health and sleep, our bones, soft tissues and muscles play a critical role! That’s why we say, we want to find solutions at the earliest possible age. Our teeth, tongue, chin and jaw have all worked together since birth to help us with the simplest of actions – like breathing, crying, sucking, chewing, biting, yawning and smiling. When they don’t work optimally, they can and do affect communication and growth itself, including upper airway growth. Problems can develop slowly over time and leave you wondering what on earth can we do to manage this. Worse, many problems like this are not recognised early unless they are ‘serious’. Little problems untreated can turn into big problems impacting overall health and well-being.

We know how vital everyday basic functions are and know suffering is largely unnecessarily because its treatable and avoidable, the earlier the better. Not only that, those very basic functions happen often everyday, and we don’t really think about them.

One breath at a time.

One word at a time.

One smile at a time.

Sharon Moore

Author, speaker, sleep health advocate and speech pathologist

I'm Sharon Moore, author, speaker, sleep health advocate and speech pathologist at Well Spoken Upper Airway & Communication Solutions. I've seen more than 40,000 families over 4 decades of clinical work and I’ve seen first-hand how upper airway issues impact both health and happiness. The ripple effects span across family, school, community and society, and left untreated can last a life-time. I believe that great treatment transforms lives, the earlier the better and that everyone has a right to be happy, healthy and heard. I've worked in medical settings in Australia and London and currently run Well Spoken clinic in Canberra treating patients of all ages referred by medical and dental specialists for disorders of function of the upper airway that impact breathing, eating and communication.

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