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Sleep Wrecked Kids launches you into the world of children’s sleep and breathing during sleep. It starts with four-year old Sally, ‘Sally’s sleep is in trouble. Sally breathes through her mouth constantly as she sleeps, tossing and turning all night long. Despite long hours of sleep, she wakes groggy and tired’ The science shows us that many kids are suffering needlessly, in fact 40% of four to ten year old kids have sleep problems about half of those have sleep breathing problems, and none of the consequences are good! 80% of kids with these problems are completely missed. Even when parents go looking for help, they can be dismissed or the problem can be misdiagnosed. Sleep Wrecked Kids takes you on a journey of discovery. How do you know if your child has a problem? It is packed with practical solutions. As a parent, I know there’s absolutely nothing like lack of sleep or interrupted sleep to bring out the worst in kids (and their parents). There are millions of sleep wrecked kids around the world and for many, solving breathing during sleep will solve their sleep problem. The very best people to help them are their mums and dads. In fact, we need an army of mums and dads to gather and launch a movement, dispel the myths and misperceptions about sleep that prevent them from taking sleep seriously or finding the right support when they need expert help, ask doctors the right questions, so the right solutions are at hand, as early as possible and last but not least, set up our kids at the earliest possible age to be healthy and happy.

“It’s our vision at Well Spoken that every child gets the sleep they need every night to be healthy and happy”.
-Sharon Moore

Sharon Moore

Author, speaker, sleep health advocate and speech pathologist

I'm Sharon Moore, author, speaker, sleep health advocate and speech pathologist at Well Spoken Upper Airway & Communication Solutions. I've seen more than 40,000 families over 4 decades of clinical work and I’ve seen first-hand how upper airway issues impact both health and happiness. The ripple effects span across family, school, community and society, and left untreated can last a life-time. I believe that great treatment transforms lives, the earlier the better and that everyone has a right to be happy, healthy and heard. I've worked in medical settings in Australia and London and currently run Well Spoken clinic in Canberra treating patients of all ages referred by medical and dental specialists for disorders of function of the upper airway that impact breathing, eating and communication.

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